Zenvic Electric Hi Rise water supply solution

The Melburnian

Site :

The Melbournian : Twin Tower Luxury Apartments

Melbourne’s most prestigious address is ‘The Melburnian’

Problem :

Constant pressure Hi rise water supply was becoming unreliable.

Failures of equipment, reserve pumps not staged in and varying water supply pressure.

Solution :

Zenvic designed multiple pump controls system Installed and commissioned on site.

Designed to changeover duty / standby pumps, PID loop control for constant pressure water supply.

Seamless transition between pump sets, downloadable data of pump operating times, alerts for pump service period requirements.

At all times a spare pump set available and able to keep water supply in place should there be any equipment failure.

Minimal disruption to the building services and the tenants was of paramount importance.

Access to system by authorise service personnel.

Result :

A dedicated system incorporating 4 x Variable speed drives, PLC and touch screen.

Operational data easy to access.

Great care during commissioning to assure system working perfectly.

Training of maintance staff regarding operation and service requirements.



Zenvic Electric Hi Rise water supply solution (PDF)


REC : 19651