Delta Variable Speed Drives



To complement Zenvic,s range of Varaible speed drives we offer the Delta 

From cost effective to Active Front End VSD’s for all applications.

AC Motor Drive Products Specifications
CH2000 Series C200 Series C2000 Series CP2000 Series

Heavy Load Application Field Oriented Control Drives

Intelligent Vector control Micro Drives

Classical Field Oriented Control Drive

Sensorless Vector control Drives
VFD-VJ Series VFD-E Series VFD-EL Series VFD-VE Series

Hybrid Servo Drive

Modular Design/Multiple Functions Drives

Multiple Functions/Micro Type Drives

FOC AC Drives
VFD-B Series VFD-F Series VFD-M Series VFD-S Series

General Purpose Drives

Fan and Pump Purpose Drives

SVC Micro Drives

Small and Easy used Drives
VFD-L Series VFD-V Series  

Compact and Panel-installation Drives

Flux Vector Control AC Motor Drives

REC : 19651