Motor Protection – Emotron M20

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EL-FI M10The single function shaft power monitorEL-FI M10 Shaft Power Monitor offers you protection against under- or overload:Protection – “The Electronic Shear-Pin” – Alarm and stop before any machine overload or under-load damage occurs. This increase life time and reduce spare parts requirements.Easy to install – No sensors or sensor cables. This result in less components and easy set and start up. The alarm level can be set within three seconds at just one push of a key.

  • It is ideal for many different machine applications; e.g. as an electronic shear pin and as dry running protection for centrifugal pumps.

M10 is a single function unit and is intended for applications that only demand protection via it’s single relay output. It is a perfect solution for machine builders and OEM’s. For more advanced multi function load monitoring the EL-FI M20 is your choice.

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EL-FI M10 – Technical data
The single function shaft power monitor
Dimensions/Weight (WxHxD) 45x90x115mm (1.77’’x 3.54’’x 4.53’’) / 175 g (5.65 oz)
Protection class/Mounting IP20/35 mm DIN-rail 46277
Power consumption/Fuses Max 3W/Max 10A
Supply voltage 1×100-240 VAC and 3×100-690 VAC (+/- 10%)
Frequency 50 or 60Hz
Relay output 5A/240 VAC Resistive, 1,5A/240VAC Pilot duty/AC12
Current input Up to max 50A with transformer; CTM010, CTM025 or CTM050
Digital input External reset, Max 240 VAC or 48V DC, High:>24 VAC/DC, Low:<1VAC/DC
Operating temperature -20 to +50 °C (-4 °F to +122 °F)
Approved CE, cUL and UL (up to 600 V)
The EL-FI M10 is very simple to install e.g. next to the contactor in the control cabinet.


Digital Pump

The EL-FI Drainage Control Monitor (DCM) cuts running costs and extends the lifetime of
submersible pumps by preventing dry running.


Eliminates most water-level detectors

Water-level detectors often fail by being blocked by sludge. The El-FI DCM overcomes this problem by using the pump motor as its own load sensor. El-FI DCM uses an algorithm to automatically calculate appropriate pump run and pause periods to continuously adjust pump operation to suit the pit filling rate.

Minimal energy consumption

Changing the pumping cycle automatically to suit the rate of water flowing into the pit cuts energy consumption dramatically. Moreover, this operational mode works well even if the pump is immersed in sludge or water/mud mixtures of varying viscosity.

Prolonged pump life

As shorter running and longer pauses result from optimizing pumping cycles, there is less wear and tear on pump components. In turn this means less pump maintenance and fewer spare parts.

No DCM maintenance costs

Unlike water-level detectors, which often demand constant attention, EL-FI DCM units are highly reliable electronic devices that are maintenance-free and protected in a cabinet.

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REC : 19651