Wine Industry

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ZENVIC have years of experience supplying wineries with our IP65 waterproof enclosed variable speed drives and our special robust remote control complete with heavy duty cable.

These units have been specifically designed for the wine industry.

We have supplied many wineries and assure reliability of the equipment. Allowing you to get in with the job during Vintage. If you only have 480V. single phase supply and require 3 phase 415V. To run your wine press and pumps. Zenvic have proven 480V. 1 Phase 480V. To 415V. 3 phase converters.

This unit will allow you to operate your 3 phase wine press with the added benefit of utilising the same equipment to run any three phase pumps and vary the speed. Do not hesitate to contact us for the best advise on your processing needs.


wine wine




Remote Controls for Variable Speed Drives

lead remote

ZENVIC has successfully developed numerous solutions for clients that are innovative and cost effective.
Control of Variable Speed Drives can be achieved using 2 methods

  1. Trailing lead
  2. Radio Remote

Both solutions offer advantages over each other and it is really the user who decides which best fits his application.

Trailing leads are a cost effective solution that can be used up to a practical distance of approximately 20 – 25 meters.

Radio remotes offer much greater distance via a simple to use remote control which has Start /Stop & Speed up/down. Most applications have been found in rural pumping situations where control of fluid is critical.
Discuss your application with Zenvic as we can adapt field proven technology to your application.


REC : 19651