Rural Industry

Single Phase to three phase power.

ZENVIC have been using inverter technology for single phase to three-phase power for over 10 years.

Our equipment is an excellent alternative to the high cost of three phase power connection to your property.

The ZENVIC units use only the best-proven components to assure reliability and long life.

We have supplied wineries, dairies, potato farms, home workshops and more. (This technology is not suitable for welders).

Technical overview

Most three phase motors are dual voltage to 3KW. (4HP).

This means they are designed to enable them to be connected in star (Y) 415V. 3 phase or Delta 240V. 3 phase.

The motor will run with the same performance with either supply. Above 3KW ( 4 HP) three phase motors require 415V. to run.

We have cost effective single phase 240V. input drives suitable for running a three phase motors connected in 240V. delta. When the rating is above 3 KW we require 480V. single phase (sometimes known as 480V. 2 phase) input to the converter to give 415V. 3 phase output. The 480V. system is a common supply system in rural areas .

As we are using proven inverter technology , if the load is a motor and directly connected to the inverter we can have the added advantage of variable speed. This is where the motor speed can be controlled to improve a process. I.e. automatic flow control of an irrigation pump, speed control of a conveyor , variable speed of a wine transfer pump ,etc. etc. When the variable speed option is utilised energy savings can also be achieved. In some applications the energy savings can pay for the inverter within a couple of years.

To give an accurate costing we need to know more about your application, we would be pleased to discuss this with you. We can then advise the most cost effective and reliable solution. We would be pleased to discuss your application further.

REC : 19651