Dairy Industry


True variable speed control of Milk from your receival can to the milk vat.

• Ensuring energy efficient cooling of your milk, saving you running costs
• True variable speed no speed steps.
• Maximizing the effectiveness of the plate cooler by delivering milk at a constant flow
• Maintains a constant level in the receival can during milking
• Gentle handling of milk, eliminating the cause of lipolysis
• Single Phase supply
• Utilises a rugged three phase motor in its design
• reduces mechanical wear and tear on your equipment

Proven and Reliable • Energy Efficient

Vacuum Pump Control

Improve the energy efficiency of your dairy by installing our variable speed drive system. Provides constant vacuum by controlling the vacuum pump speed to match demand.

• Fully automatic system utilising three phase vacuum pump.
• 480V. Single phase to 415V. Three phase systems available.

A pay pack energy saving calculation is available.

REC : 19651