FUJI FRENIC 5000 Drives


Low-noise, high-performance, multi-function inverters

G11S Series

  • An excellent starting torque of 200% at 0.5Hz is realized by employing Fuji Electric’s unique torque vector control system.
  • An automatic-tuning function and other intelligent and convenient functions are incorporated.
  • Inverters are compact and totally enclosed (models up to 22kW), in a wide variation from 0.2 to 400kW.


P11S Series

 (Low-noise inverters for fans and pumps)

  • These inverters are specially designed for variable torque loads, such as fans and pumps.
  • An automatic energy-saving function is included for simple energy-saving operation.
  • An interactive keypad panel is incorporated as standard equipment, allowing you to operate the inverter without a manual.

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FUJI-FRENIC-5000-Drives Manual



REC : 19651