Building Services Melbourne

Zenvic Electric offers a range of building services to keep your facility and its operations performing at their best.

Service to reduce downtime and increase efficiency to your electrical and mechanical systems.
A specialist in all aspects of motor control. Fans , Pumps , Chillier sets, generators and more.

Building Services ZENVIC Melbourne

Electrical Service and Contracting. REC 19651

A mobile team of electricians specialising in building and facilities maintenance, on call 24/7.

Variable Speed Drives and Motor control Specialists.

  • Any application that involves a motor we can service or supply.
  •  Familiar with all manufacturers of Variable speed drives with over 30 years experience in the field.
  • Able to supply cost effective solutions for all replacement or upgrades.
  • On site commissioning to assure smooth running and seamless changeovers.
  •  Variable speed drive multi pump cascade systems. Smooth transition between pumps for demand and duty standby. Maintaining constant pressure.

Variable Speed Drives: Preventative on site maintance and Audit

Zenvic Electric offers a preventative maintenance program for existing Variable Speed Drives on site. A comprehensive Audit of Variable speed drives on site, reporting status, I/O connections, and “EMC and Fire Mode compliance” with recommended service / replacement.

Energy Efficiency and Power Audits

On site analysis of Power Factor and Harmonics.

Air & Noise Project division

Industrial and commercial Air movement, Filtration and Noise control.
For any Electrical requirements contact Zenvic | Ph: 9708-2308 |

REC : 19651