HVAC Variable Speed Drives Audits

Preventative on site maintenance audit services

Zenvic Electric offer HVAC VSD Audits, a preventative maintenance program for existing Variable Speed Drives: on site.

Zenvic has experience on many brands of Variable Speed Drives used in the HVAC community.

We have direct lines of communications with major brands technical and engineering staff.

We have attended numerous training seminars for variable speed drives.

Toshiba , ABB , Danfoss , Vacon , Schneider , Zener , Emerson to name just a few.

On site inspection of a variable speed drives consists of: 

  • Inspection of cooling fans.
  • Check mains and field wiring connections are tight and correctly terminated .
  • Note date of manufacture. Recommend replacement of main drive capacitors
  • For large VSDs older than 7 years this is recommended
  • List on data base VSD details where available.
  • Make , Model no. KW rating etc.
  • Clean and remove dust and debris
  • Comment if VSD is compliant with current standards , specifically “ Fire Mode input “.
    Earlier models of VSD’s supplied to the HVAC market do not comply with current
    “Smoke Spill – Fire mode recommendations.”
    Essentially a “JOG “ input would be used in a fire condition,
    This input can easily fail in a Fire situation.

Photo record kept on our database. 

Zenvic offer supply and installation of replacement Variable speed drives of all manufactures.
With upgrade of EMC compliant motor cabling, if required.

For Energy efficiency we also offer replacement of standard inefficient Damper systems.

We can supply energy audit re savings before and after a VSD is installed.


REC : 19651